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Certified Roofing and Exteriors Pledge

At Certified Roofing and Exteriors LLC, we have several goals.

Our first goal is to educate you on your situation and have several different options available that would be a permanent solution for that problem. So many times, this step is skipped by companies because there concern is to sell you what they offer, since we offer several options, we are open to find you the best solution for you, not us. Our Certified Home Advisors are trained in every aspect of the process including installation; therefore, we truly know what to do in every situation, most companies send salespeople that have no clue how to install.

Second goal, work this solution into your budget. We do this by listening to your needs, not ours, and find that solution. This may sound basic, but most companies only offer one brand for their solution, say they are certified, and convince you its best for you, and never care about what’s important to you. We truly listen to your needs and found our homeowners appreciate this approach.

Third goal, make sure that the solution agreed upon is exactly what happens, we do this by assigning ONE Certified Home Advisor to your project from start to finish, that’s right, ONE Certified Home Advisor from the initial consultation to final install, we will say it again, ONE Certified Home Advisor. Before we leave your home or even deposit your deposit check we will have the product reserved, the tentative delivery date of products and tentative install date, BEFORE WE LEAVE YOUR HOME! This is as close to a flawless system ever created in the home improvement industry.

Fourth goal, ensure satisfaction. Our Certified Home Advisor will visit you upon completion of the project to go over the solution in every aspect. Once it is verified by you, then we ask for final payment. Why is this important, if you’ve done a home improvement project before you will know its normal to NEVER see your salesperson again after the sale, our Certified Home Advisors will make sure you happy. Before we ask for final payment your Certified Home Advisor will offer you a completion certificate, since we walked thru the job with you and verified your happiness, we ask you to authorize that form and make final payment, this is the absolute guaranteed way of assuring you will be happy with the job. If you truly want the best home improvement experience ever at a reasonable price, schedule your FREE Home Consultation today, we thank you in advance for your trust and your business!

If you're looking for the pinnacle of home improvement experiences at a competitive price, schedule your FREE Home Consultation today! We're grateful for your trust and eagerly anticipate serving you.

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